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Tempered glass, insulating glass and laminated glass and their differences

Glass is an item that we often touch and use in our daily lives. From daily necessities such as glasses to architectural decoration materials such as glass curtain walls, glass has made a great contribution to the development of world civilization. For example, the tempered glass that we often hear about is often used in the manufacture of various safety protection products with outstanding performance.

Tempered glass weight

Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass. Its production process is to use ordinary annealed glass to cut into the required size, then heat to soften about 700 degrees, and then quickly cool the glass obtained.

Is tempered window glass anti-theft? Ordinary household glass is tempered?

Tempered glass is a common type of glass in daily life. It is generally used in products such as windows, mobile phone films, furniture and so on.

How to distinguish the quality of tempered glass?

First of all, good tempered glass should comply with the national 3C certification. The thickness of tempered glass is generally 3-19mm. According to the difference between flat tempered glass and bent tempered glass, the manufacturing process and size are different.

Tempered glass appearance standard

The standard for the appearance of toughened glass is to achieve a toughness of 2~4N/cm. Under normal circumstances, the glass curtain wall part uses semi-tempered glass as the surface stress.

Do you know the little knowledge of glass in the sun room?

Laminated glass refers to the double-layer glass with a special glue in between. The safety factor of the tempered glass is higher than that of ordinary tempered glass. Most of them are used for the landscape balcony of high-rise buildings and the top of the sun room. After it is broken, there will be no ballast falling but the whole piece is glued together, which is very safe.

Toughened glass opening method

Check whether the toughened glass can be punched. Poor quality toughened glass cannot be perforated, and too thin toughened glass cannot be perforated. Therefore, it is necessary to have good quality toughened glass and a certain thickness of toughened glass to punch holes.

What is the quality of tempered glass? Reasons for the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass in poor quality shower room

What is the quality of tempered glass? Reasons for the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass in poor quality shower room
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