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Taicang Zhuogao Glass Product Co., Ltd. settles at the beautiful Liuhe Town of Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, and it is only 40km to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 70km to Suzhou,  advantaged location and very convenient terraqueous traffic.


Formally put into production in April 2001, the company is specialized in manufacturing and selling various tempered glass, laminated glass, hollow glass for buildings, the major products such as LOW-E bent tempered glass, bent laminated glass and bent hollow glass play the leading role in China. With high investment, the company has introduced advanced bent tempered glass manufacturing equipments, organized the staffs to develop the bent tempered product which has smallest radius and biggest arc length in China after constant innovation and research, with domestic advanced bent laminated glass manufacturing equipments, the company is also manufacturing bent laminated products of various radiuses with the product filling the blanks in China. 

  • 2001

    Company founded

  • 20


    Various lines

  • 10


    Product category

  • 20


    Products are exported to more than 20 countries

The company has always taken the pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation as the management concept, and quality as the core of management, the company has successfully passed the national compulsory product certification, IS09001-2008 quality system certification, over the years the high quality has won wide recognition in the market, and has completed a number of key projects.

Corporate Culture

The pursuit of excellence and ambition
Business Concept
Integrity, attentiveness, service for survival, quality for development
People, business and products, three products in one
Sincerity is the foundation, harmony is prosperous, technology is refined, and industry is competitive.

Gauges:Neat and dignified, stable and generous

EnvironmentClean, tidy and relaxed.

Treating:gentle and courteous and pleasant.

Work:diligent and conscientious.

Efficiency:simple and efficient, accurate and fast.

Quality:exquisite, meticulous and perfect.

Business:study hard and strive for excellence.

Safety:sounding the alarm and preventing the slightest

Commitment:Honesty and faithfulness, a promise is a promise.

Humility:to follow good advice and be open-minded.

Integrity:Loyalty to duty and strict self-discipline.

Unity:mutual understanding and working together.


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